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Skip Bin Hire Brisbane


Blu Skips: Skip Bin Hire Brisbane. Are a local, family owned and operated Brisbane skip bin hire company. We pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy and friendly. We strive to meet the requirements of all our customers and seek to foster long term working relationships with clients from all walks of life.

We provide our unrivalled customer service 6 days a week with any assistance or request you may have being just a phone call away.

How it works

Blu Skips make skip bin hire in Brisbane a simple, pain free experience.

Book a skip bin online with our simple, user-friendly system or simply give us a call and book directly with our team.

We offer 7 day skip bin hire in Brisbane as standard as we find that on average people don’t need a bin for longer than that. If you do need longer than 7 days we are happy to discuss this with you as part of your booking. Alternatively you are also free to request an earlier pick and we will do everything we can to provide prompt and reliable bin collection.

If you are new to skip hire or are just unsure what size or bin type would suit your requirements best, feel free to contact our team by phone or email and we can assist you in choosing the bin that best fits your project.


What size bins do you offer?

We currently offer skips bins in the sizes of: 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3 , 10m3 and 12m3 bins
2m3 Skip Bin Hire Brisbane
2m3 Skip Bin

From $265
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
2 Standard Box Trailers or 8 Wheelie Bins

Length 1.8m
Width 1.5m
Height 0.9m

2m3 Skip Bin Hire Brisbane
3m3 Skip Bin

From $340
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
3 Standard Box Trailers or 12 Wheelie Bins

Length 2.4m
Width 1.5m
Height 93cm

4m3 Skip Bin Hire Brisbane
4m3 Skip Bin

From $425
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
4 Standard Box Trailers or 16 Wheelie Bins

Length 3.2m
Width 1.5m
Height 93cm

6m3 Skip Bin Hire Brisbane
6m3 Skip Bin

From $625
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
6 Standard Box Trailers or 24 Wheelie Bins

Length 3.6m
Width 1.5m
Height 1.25m

8m2 Skip Bin Hire Brisbane
8m3 Skip Bin

From $825
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
8 Standard Box Trailers or 32 Wheelie Bins

Length 4.0m
Width 1.5m
Height 1.5m

10m3 Skip Bin Hire North Brisbane
10m3 Skip Bin

From $1,025
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
10 Standard Box Trailers or 40 Wheelie Bins

Length 4.7m
Width 1.6m
Height 1.6m

12m3 Skip Bin Hire North Brisbane
12m3 Skip Bin

From $1,200
*Subject To Weight Limits

Size Guide:
12 Standard Box Trailers or 48 Wheelie Bins

Length 4.7
Width 1.6m
Height 1.9m


For Skip Bin Hire in Brisbane we currently offer skips bins in the sizes of: 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, and 8m3 bins

Generally credit card over the phone at the time of booking is preferred however our drivers are equipped to take credit card or cash payment on delivery.

Our standard hire is 7 days, we find most clients are well and truly done within this time and are keen to get the bin out of the way. We can help with longer or shorter hire periods if you need them, just give us a call.

Usually 24hrs is plenty of notice, however as much notice as you can give is appreciated. If you are unable to give us much notice we will do our best to assist you as soon as possible.

Preferably your Blu Skips driver will place your skip bin inside your property or on the driveway. If this is not possible we are able to put the bin on the footpath provided it doesn’t block any pedestrian access or otherwise cause a hazard (Please note: All care is taken when delivering and picking up your skip bin however, no liability is accepted by Blu Skips for any damage that may be caused either above or below the ground.)

Our Skip Bins are not to be filled above the top rail, this is very important as we cannot safely transport skip bins in North Brisbane when it is filled above the rails as items may fall out during transport causing a significant safety hazard. Blu Skips drivers cannot accept the bin if the waste exceeds the bins weight capacity or is higher than the top rail. You will be given the opportunity to remove the offending items or you will be charged the cost for the driver to remove it for you.

Items that are strictly prohibited include Gas bottles, fire extinguishers, asbestos, hazardous materials, paint, oils, chemicals (Dried paint cans is acceptable), solvents, or any food or kitchen waste.

For Skip bin hire in Brisbane & Moreton Bay usually a council permit is not required, however some councils may prohibit the placement of a skip bin on the road or nature strip. Please contact your local council to find out more information. (Please note Blu Skips accepts no liability when placing a skip as directed by the customer)

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